Canvas Prints

We offer custom sized canvas prints for any occasion…weddings, graduations, sports, family & children, kids, pets… the possibilities are endless! Images are printed on high quality 17oz. Canvas. Get your print gallery wrapped on on a solid 3/4″ wood frame.

Photo Enlargement

Need a photo enlarged to poster size? We do photo enlargement from slides, film negatives, digital photo or paper photo.

We recommend that you let us scan your non digitial film photo, but if you do it yourself, remember that scanned photos should be 125 dpi in their final size.

Digital pictures can be enlarged too, but we’ll need to check your file out. Typically if you are taking a digital picture which may be enlarged, take the picture at the highest resolution setting your camera allows. If possible use the TIFF or RAW file format setting, these settings yield the most color information and can be enlarged with the best results. This will greatly improve the quality when enlarging the image.

4″ x 6″ Photo Enlarged to 24″ x 36″